8 Line Slots

In China, the number “8” is considered lucky as it sounds similar to the Chinese term for fortune and wealth: Read our 8 line slots reviews and discover whether “8” will prove lucky for you. Eight line slots are easy to play and the ideal choice for players looking for wagering flexibility, so make sure to check out our reviews to find out what each slot offers and the maximum jackpots available.


You can find many themes that go along with the 8 line slot. Everything from the traditional bell and fruit machines, to underwater and ancient Egypt. While there are many types of 8 line slots, there are a few features that remain the same with all of them.

  • 8 pay lines that go left to right and up and down.
  • 9 Reels

The 9 reels is a unique aspect found with 8 line slots. They all spin independently form one another and make for a fun slot playing experience.

Advantages of 8 line slots

The 8 line slot is super easy to play and usually has a fun theme. Its simplicity is one of its biggest draws and why players love the 8 line slot. Unlike complicated slots with 100 or more paylines, the action is simple and easy to follow with an 8 line slot. Although the jackpots are usually fixed they can go quite high, often up to 1,000 coins if you hit the right combinations. Because there are 8 ways to win on each spin you can often win multiple prizes with each bet.

Examples of the 8 line slot

You can find numerous types of 8 line online slots at online casinos. Here are a few that you may like due to their unique features and fun game play.

Fish o Mania: This great aquatic adventure gives you the chance to bet 3 coins on each reel with a top prize of 1,000 coins.

Chinese Kitchen: Line up classic Chinese dishes like duck, turtle, starfish and octopus on the paylines to win big with this creative food themed 8 line slot machine.

Places to play 8 line slots

You can play 8 line slots almost anywhere, but the best places to play them that have the most choices and highest payouts are:

The above casinos give you the chance to play 8 line slots in fun mode before you deposit so you can practice and choose the game that best suits you before betting real money.