How to Install Casino Software

Download casinos allow you to access every available game on-demand, from your desktop, without ever opening your browser – in that sense, it’s just like every other PC game. They make gaming easier, with no chance of lagging or website malfunction, and they guarantee the highest quality graphics regardless of your internet speed.

Check out the table below for the best download casinos and start playing.

What is Casino Software?

When you log onto a casino, you’re navigating the casino’s website – however, once you select a game, you’re now accessing the software developer’s content. Casino software usually refers to the software that controls the game, rather than the website. It’s all the information that allows the video slots to run, just like you’ll find on a disc with most games consoles.

Players who are new to online casino often struggle with the idea that they’re being conned, or that the results of spinning the reels are predetermined or fixed. Fortunately, that is not the case. In fact, as long as you play with a fully licensed and regulated casino (like the casinos we’ve recommended above) then all spins are controlled by Random Number Generators (RNGs) to keep everything completely fair and neutral.

Benefits of Using Download Casinos

More Games & Graphics

Playing games online requires a lot of bandwidth and involves extra effort from the casino. This isn’t a problem if the game files are physically stored on your computer, so the downloads give you access to every single game. This is important since many casinos offer in-browser gaming, but with limited access to games.

Another benefit is once you’re in the lobby (aka the Home area of the application), everything will be in the highest quality possible. The download means you have access to the files as they were meant to be played, with HD graphics, detailed design and clear audio. You can get this with many casinos online, but not always, and certainly not if you have a wobbly internet connection.

Smaller Broadband Requirements

Once you’ve downloaded the casino software, the application will then proceed to download its catalogue of games in the background. Before long, every single game offered by that casino will be made available at the click of a button on your desktop. What determines the quality of graphics is now the computer, not your internet connection, and since casino games are much lower-powered than any other PC games, your computer will handle the HD output without any problems.

The internet is only required to connect to the casino to make sure the money is all being tracked correctly and that all bonuses work as normal. This requires a very small amount of data, so once the initial downloads are complete, those without access to fast broadband (or broadband at all) will still be able to play.

Smoother Gameplay

When you’re playing online, whether it’s Mega Moolah or Call of Duty, things get laggy. It’s hard to predict, and can happen to very robust setups, but playing games where the intense processes aren’t done online means that lag and glitches should stop entirely.

How to Download the Software

The first thing to do is visit the website of the casino you’d like to play, where you’ll be prompted to either play straightaway (online) or to download the required software. Hit “Download” and everything should begin. Note, these instructions will apply to Windows users only, and Mac options are very rare.

  • Click the download bar at the bottom of your browser to launch it
  • Run – A dialogue box should pop up, asking for permission to run the .exe file. Give permission.
  • Install – Again, once prompted, hit the “install” button
  • Agree to the various terms and conditions, as required, and keep hitting “next” until the setup is complete.
  • Create account – You’ll need to create an account so that you can play. Follow the instructions, create a username and password and you should be good to go.

Depending on the casino, your instructions might vary slightly, but as a rule of thumb this should get you up and running! From there, you simply double-click the icon on your desktop or taskbar (or create one if it didn’t happen automatically) and you’ll have access to the precious vault of games!

Banking with Download Casinos

This is something most players worry about, but there’s no need to be concerned. When you’re inside the game, simply navigate to the top menu and find the “Cashier” or “Bank” button and you’ll be prompted on exactly how to proceed to both deposit and withdraw your funds. As long as you’re connected to the internet, the banking process will be every bit as smooth as when playing online.