iOS Casino Apps

Mobile casino gaming has become one of the biggest, fastest-growing industries in the world over the past few years. Unsurprisingly, iOS developers are working hard to bring online casinos further into the 21st century with Apple-dedicated apps. They face some tough competition from Android, but Apple are still doing a great job of promoting and improving the mobile casino experience for all its users.

The great thing about casinos with specially designed iOS apps is that they should work seamlessly with any Apple Inc. device, providing a professional gambling experience at your fingertips.  

Check out the table below to find the very best iOS casino apps based on reviews, in-game experience and the history of the casino itself.

Downloading Casino Apps 

All apps for iOS are checked and regulated by Apple, and every single one of them can be found on the official app store. The apps are super easy to download – all you have to do is click “download” and it should be installed straight onto your device.  

Alternatively, any online casino with a dedicated app will offer a download link on the website. Simply visit it the site on your iOS device and navigate to it – again, the link should prompt a quick download and the game will be ready before you know it.  

The good thing is that mobile casino apps are unanimously free to download – the casino makes its money the usual way, so there’s nothing to be gained by charging for the app itself. If you’re looking at an app which costs money, do your research on them before purchasing.  

Where to Find the Best Apps?  

We regularly update this page with all of the latest and greatest iOS casino apps. In order to make sure we are providing accurate recommendations to all of our readers, new apps are tested and downloaded by members of our team – the resulting table represents the hottest apps right now, from new releases to old favourites.  

You can also visit the iOS app store and scroll through the titles until you find one you like the sound of. This isn’t quite as fool proof, but it’s a fun method when you’ve got the time on your hands.  

Best Slots for iOS 

Slots have been the biggest online casino game in the UK for a long time now. Unsurprisingly, this popularity has transferred to mobile casino and demand is always high for top-quality, high-reward slots on iOS.  

To keep up-to-date with all the best releases and classics, check out our recommended slots below. These are the ones which payout regularly, are pristinely designed and simply offer the best player experience.  

Devices and Compatibility 

Apple have designed their entire suite of devices to be interlinked and to connect seamlessly with each other. All of their mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) use the exact same operating system (iOS) and so any game that is introduced to the app store will be compatible on any iOS device! 

It won’t sync automatically, but if you decide you want to start using Betway casino (for example) on your iPad as well as your phone, simply access the app store on WiFi and add it on. This inter-device compatibility is a huge plus point for iOS, since it makes life much easier for the consumer.  


Mobile gaming has become a huge hit. Being able to play on the go or at home in your pyjamas – even sneakily at work – has revolutionised an industry that used to require detailed planning and expense. At the forefront of this revolution are the apps on iOS – the best of them are completely optimised for the smaller screen and offer a gambling experience equal to that of a desktop site.  

If you’re ready to embrace mobile casino, Apple are with you every step of the way.