New Slots

Welcome to the home of the best new slots in 2017. We’re constantly scouring casinos and analyzing their latest slots – whenever we strike gold, we update this page so that every time you visit our site, you’re met with the latest, greatest and most lucrative games.

In 2017, there is a lot of competition for software developers to produce games with great payouts, but also with exceptional graphics, unique stories and generous bonuses. Our Top 5 picks for the year so far are: Mega Moolah, Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. A mixture of monstrous progressives1, light-hearted fun and immersive adventure, these represent the pinnacle of video slots available today – try them out!

How Do We Choose the Best Slots?

We don’t make decisions lightly, and every new slot gets put through the mill a couple of times to make sure it’s up to standard.

Graphics and Software

In 2017, software developers who aren’t willing to go the extra mile to create beautiful, HD graphics are only making life harder for themselves – HD and detailed design are the new norm! Quality software will allow the game to run smoothly, and this is where tried-and-tested developers like Playtech, Netent and Microgaming have a real advantage over the smaller players.

Odds of Winning

As much as slots are about having fun, and should never be considered a guaranteed moneymaker, we all hope for a handsome payday. Casinos which pay more often and with higher amounts are always extremely valuable to players – we always check the payout percentage suggested by the casino, but also play the game ourselves so that we know how close to the mark it is.

If a casino has less than a 95% payout, unless it’s a massive progressive jackpot it’s probably not going to make our list. We’re looking for great quality slots and juicy payouts in the 96/97% range.

Big Jackpots

Most slots players have a little part of their mind (perhaps a big part!) which continuously wonders what they might buy when the big day comes and they take home a life-changing jackpot. It only happens for a very select few of us, but still we mull over it.

At, the logical thing to do is recommend games that offer regular payouts, but also have a jackpot that’s worth fighting for! Even non-progressive slots can offer tens of thousands of coins as a jackpot, so there’s no point chugging away at minute slots when there are bigger fish to fry.

If you’re more of a small-ball player, then don’t worry: these kind of jackpots aren’t always reserved for the high rollers. You could still be wagering only a few pence per spin and come away with a big payout. The biggest ever payout on Mega Moolah (one of our featured slots) was a whopping £13.2 million and, you guessed it: it was triggered by a single 25p spin. Once you start playing, you have exactly the same chance as everyone else, so why not shoot for the moon?

Special Offers and Rewards

A critical factor in recommending slots for our readers is the bonuses, rewards and special treatment you can get by playing certain games. For example, you might be given 100 free spins6 as part of a promotional campaign for this casino or a matched deposit at that casino as they fight for your attention.

We always take account of the most lucrative offers and ensure they’re properly advertised so that you, the reader, gets all the benefit without the legwork.

In-Game Bonus Rounds

Our favourite games are the ones that take everything we’ve already mentioned – HD graphics, good odds, generous jackpots and enticing offers – and add to it. These extra treats often come in the form of in-game rewards and bonus rounds.

In Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II, for instance, you can unlock the Great Hall of Spins by landing 3+ wilds in a single spin. This leads to a huge number of free spins, multipliers and seriously cool animations. Many games offer their unique take on “bonus rounds”, and they’re all geared towards elevating the game to another level and rewarding the player’s perseverance.


As you can see, there’s a lot to consider. We don’t just take everyone else’s word for it either – we do the hard work and analysis, only promoting new slots on our site if they meet the high standard we’ve chosen to set. The reason?

Our readers deserve the best.

Take a look at our recommended slots and give them a try. We guarantee you’ll thank us for it later.