Progressive Slots

Progressive slots online

The progressive slot can be found in every type of casino, but the biggest ones tend to be at the online casinos. The ability to pool millions of players together makes it easy to create a huge jackpot, and I’ll explain why.

The word progressive means to get larger over time. This is how the progressive jackpot works. With each spin of the reels, the jackpot will grow. It may only be a penny at a time, but if you add a penny to the jackpot 1,000 times a second, it can get large very quickly.

The online progressives will have thousands of people playing the same slot at any given time. Even if these players are using a different casino, the jackpot tends to run across multiple sites that use the same software. This can multiply the amount the amount of money that goes into the jackpot exponentially.

Examples of Progressive slots

If you aren’t sure what slots are progressive, here are some examples that have massive progressive jackpots.

The payout amounts on these games will vary and some may have different levels. For example- One slot may have a minor and a major jackpot that will pay out separately and require a different set of rules to hit each one.

How to Play Progressive Slots

  • Play the maximum lines
  • Play the maximum coins
  • Hit the bonus round

You play a progressive slot just like any other one. The only difference is that a portion of the money you put into the slot will go towards the jackpot. There are also some requirements to be able to win the jackpot.

Most progressive slots require you to play the maximum number of lines and coins to be eligible for the jackpot. If you aren’t doing this and hit the symbols to activate the jackpot, you may lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. Others may require you to win the jackpot during the bonus rounds.

It’s always best to check the game rules to find out exactly how you win the jackpot so that you don’t miss out on some major winnings.


If you aren’t playing progressive slots, you should be- that’s the bottom line. The amount of money you can win playing them is much more than a traditional slot. Why would you play a slot with the maximum winnings of $5,000, when you could be playing a progressive slot that has a max payout of over $100,000? Pretty easy decision in my opinion.