Smartwatch Casinos

Smartwatches might not have exploded onto the market as predicted (since they’re quite expensive and unnecessary) but they are extremely versatile to those who do own one. The development of specific apps for smartwatches isn’t just ongoing; it’s growing. There are loads of upsides to using a wristwatch over a laptop or even your smartphone, and though development is generally in its infancy, we like where things are headed.

Why Play on a Smartwatch?

First and foremost, absolute convenience. Your watch will always be on and available, just sitting on your wrist: no need to pull it from your pocket, or alert friends and colleagues to the fact you’re now ignoring them to do something else!

It’s also very subtle. With the music off, you can absently spin the reels now and then without anyone paying attention. Some players prefer to keep their gambling to themselves, and using your smartwatch is the perfect way to engage the hobby in public without coming under scrutiny.

On-the-go gameplay is even easier on a smartwatch than on mobile, since there’s no risk of dropping it and only the key information stays on-screen: the reels, and your bet/win amounts.

Finally, let’s not forget novelty. We are a generation of gadget fanatics, and playing online casino games on your wrist is the ultimate fusion of mobile slots and technology, and that’s reason enough to want to try it out.


The smartwatch market is a tougher nut to crack than the smartphone one, since there are loads of rival designers all vying for the top spot on the market. Currently, Apple are leading the way with their iOS-powered devices, and so some iOS apps software developers are choosing to focus their efforts on Apple Watches.

Microgaming1 was quick off the mark and became the first casino software2 developer to fully adapt one of its games for a smartwatch. In 2015, they released one of their all-time most popular games (Thunderstruck) to be playable on your wrist.

The screen was adapted, with only the slot name, reels and balance information available at once – even that, to be critical, was a bit of a squeeze. Deposits, withdrawals and the serious money business are all completed on your smartphone, separately. Without a linked smartphone, you can’t play for real money.

Similarly, Microgaming’s The Dark Knight Rises has now been adapted for play on the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

Offers for iOS and Android

Research the offer of gambling apps adapted to iOS and android. Compare. Also discuss the available watches (Apple watch, are there any Android watches). The models, their selling points, which ones are the best, etc. …

How to Play

The thing is, other than the reduced size, the gameplay is exactly the same as on desktop or mobile. You’re able to see your bet amount and balance, and can click on those amounts in order to change the number of paylines, coins or the coin value. You use gestures to spin the reels, and the paylines and bonuses are triggered randomly.

The only issue is that, realistically, the design detail which goes into the desktop versions will be essentially lost on such a tiny screen. The gameplay is the same, but it’s not the same.


It seems likely that if smartwatches gaming continues to grow, it will become about convenience of play, while mobile and desktop play will remain just as popular for a more immersive experience. There are limited offers right now, but given a bit of time, we’re optimistic that development will keep climbing and the industry will continue to grow.