1 Line Slots

Interested in playing one line slots? We offer a wide range of one line slot machines reviews to help you find your perfect slot. Whether you prefer nautical, food or even magic themed slots, our expansive range of reviews means you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply consult our list below for information on over 100 1 line slots.

Features of 1 line lots

  • Uses 3-5 reels
  • The middle line is the pay line
  • One top jackpot prize

Advantages of 1 line slots

  • Cheaper to play
  • Easier to understand and follow

There are some pros to playing a 1 line slot. The most obvious is that you only need to pay for 1 line at a time for each spin. With slots that have multiple lines, you will need to pay for each line to be active. This can be quite expensive.

When it comes to 1 line slots at online casinos, most of these classic machines feature fruit symbols, bells, and bars. Because there is only one line to follow with your eyes and a limited number of symbols many slot players have more fun playing one line slots than 100 line progressives. Because players can easily follow and anticipate the action with the naked eye 1 line slots have proved popular despite the multi million dollar payouts of more fancy video slots.

Examples of 1 line slots

Some of the more popular 1 line slots are ones like Diamond 7’s and Lucky 7’s. These 1 line slots have proven to be very popular among slot players. The top prize on both these games is 5,000 coins. While the jackpot is tough to hit there are plenty of opportunities to get smaller payouts that pay between 1x – 10x.

Casinos to play 1 line slots

Many online casinos acknowledge that 1 line slots are still popular and include them in their library of games. The best places to play these 1 line slots are:

All of the above casinos are licensed and regulated and represent some of the best places to play 1 line slots.