Pharaoh's Gold

Pharaoh’s Gold is a quality 3 reel 3 line slot in the traditional mould. With a top award of 100 coins you will be right in thinking it is one of the more modest prizes available but when coupled with the 0.05 to 5.00 coin range and the inclusion of a wild symbol all housed in an amusing, enjoyable themed slot, there’s definitely more than enough reason to give it a try.

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The Pharaoh’s Gold slot is a brilliant example of a casino’s favourite game mixed with the next stage up from the essential 3 reel 1 line variety without becoming too advanced to lose the essence of slots gaming. The animation of the reels is the same usual blistering speeds associated with RTG produced games, as is the interface, similar to other comparably attributed slots.

Though there are extra chances to win through the three paylines, there aren’t that many icons to choose from, only five; the Ankh cross, the sarcophagus head, scarab beetle, cobra snake and the eye. The first of these icons will drop you the top award by matching three across the third payline during a max-betted spin. The eye icon is actually the wild symbol that will help contribute to dropping the better rewards.

The sounds included are some of the more original inclusions in a slot of lower features. The noisy camel in the background is a wonderful effect. When the reels spin too you hear the effect of a larger boulder/stone similar to something from an Indiana Jones film. very fitting!

With relatively modest prizes yet in an extremely fun setting to win them the Pharaoh’s Gold slot gives you great opportunities to enjoy your time at your favourite casino. Perfect for new gamers looking to expand their gaming repertoire or hardcore enthusiasts looking for a break from the demands of multi-facetted gems in the upper echelons of the genre, the experience of great game-play mixed with superb graphics, effective animations and authentic sounds is a treat for anyone who plays it.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is the eye icon drawn in a hieroglyphic style. Spin it onto any of the paylines and watch before your very eyes as it transforms into other icons (wherever possible) to help produce you winning combinations upon the reels.