Chinese Kitchen

  • 9-reel, standard 3 reel slot
Chinese Kitchen is a well-designed 9 reel 8 line slot machine. With a top award of a 1,000 coin line-multiplier, where up to three coins can be placed per line with a top coin value of 5.00, you certainly have the chance to win big. “If you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen” is a well-known saying that certainly has no relevance here as you will want to stay in this kitchen all day long.


Playtech brings you the Chinese Kitchen video slot with a tasty 9 reel design. Though it contains 9-reel it is presented as a standard 3 reel slot, but during the spins you will see each of the individual nine squares randomly spin independently of each other and reveal themselves randomly. With the boiling pots in the background, you really have feel the heat of a steaming kitchen with icons that are accompanied by a bubbling sound when they are revealeed. The interface itself is really straight-forward and the icons are full of the type of unusual ingredients that might feature in a (very strange) Chinese kitchen such as frogs, starfish, caterpillars and octopi.

The main icon you will want to spin three times in a row is the green turtle that can multiply your line bet a massive 1000 times. The crab is also a tasty option as it is the only icon that can win you bets by appearing once, twice or three times after a spin, (the rest of the symbols only win you prizes by spinning three of them simultaneously across a line).

With fun sounds and animations packaged in a hugely effective and honed down slots machine, with no extras or special icons, the Chinese Kitchen is a great addition to the world of slots for any gamer who loves slots first and foremost.