Fruit Machines

Online fruit machines are the UK’s answer to slot machines and are very popular among players. There is lots of information available about to follow strategies, tips, cheats, etc. Fixtures in every pub in Britain, fruit machines are almost exclusively 3 reels, 1 payline games. Although essentially the same as slot machines in that you spin the reels for the outcome, on fruit machines there are two extra aspects that allow you a chance to modify the outcome.

You’ve spun the reels but aren’t lucky enough to match any winning symbols on the payline. Not to worry! You’ve been awarded some nudges! On online fruit machines you can win 2-4 nudges, which allow you to nudge down the reels by one symbol, giving you more chances to match those symbols.


You’ve spun the reels and again you have not won. However, this time you have been awarded the hold feature. As the name suggests, this allows you to hold one or two reels whilst you spin the remaining fruit machine reel(s). Be advised though: consult the paytable before using your holds so you know exactly what symbol you are looking for.


Most online fruit machines will also have those features that you may be familiar with from traditional fruit machines. The feature-board is generally set out like a board-game such as monopoly. The amount you move around the board will be dependant on where you stop the hi-or-lo feature. You move around the board by the number you spin, landing on squares with different awards. Be careful though when you play fruit machines, as some awards will be worse than others, sometimes resulting in game-over!

However, as you spin the hi-or-lo feature, you also have the chance to gamble on your choice. For example, you get the number 4 and you take the gamble that the next number will be higher. The next number is 7! As a result, you will move up the ladder and the money in your bank will increase. Most online casinos offer players the fruit machine download which gives you access to all the games available.