Mega Moolah

  • Slot type:progressive
  • # Reels: 5
  • # Paylines: 25
  • Jackpot type: Progressive jackpot
  • Free Spins: Yes
On an average day in December 2006, the world of online slots was changed forever. Microgaming – the established casino software giant that had already been servicing UK gambling since the early 90s – dropped the biggest progressive slot game of its kind, with a whopping £1,000,000 guaranteed jackpot.

Set on the plains of Africa, the game has a melodic and intriguing theme tune and features all of your favourite animals like zebras, giraffes and, of course, lions. It’s a 5-slot, progressive jackpot; this means that every time a bet is made, the jackpot increases. And boy does it increase: in 2015, the jackpot burst at an almighty £13.2 million, all on a 25p stake.

Mega Moolah isn’t available at all online casinos, so check out the table below for our favourite Microgaming casinos where you get play the game and potentially lay your hands on millions.

How to Play

Even if you’ve never played a slot before, you’ll find Mega Moolah easy to understand, simple to operate and a joy to play. There are five reels. To begin every turn, you have to do four things: choose the coin value, the number of paylines, the number of coins and then hit the big orange Spin button in the bottom-right corner!

  • Max coin value – £0.05
  • Max paylines – 25
  • Max number of coins per payline – 5

You play with generic coins, rather than pounds, or twenty pence pieces. What you do is assign a value to each coin – the maximum being 5p. Since there are 25 different paylines, the most you can bet is 5p x 5 coins x 25 paylines, i.e. £6.25.

Special Bonuses, Features and Symbols

  • The lion – This is the wild symbol, and as many as five can appear on a single spin. They act as any other symbol if it would activate a payline and complete a combination – basically the more wilds you get, the better your chances of winning!  The wild also doubles your winnings from any combos it helped to make.
  • The monkey – The purple monkey with the red hair is your scatter symbol. As long as there’s at least two scatters across the reels, they’ll produce payouts. If you get three scatters at once then you’ll trigger the free spins bonus round!
  • Free spins – Three scatters (anywhere on the reels) means you can click the “start free spins” button any time: whatever profit you make from those 15 free spins is tripled and added straight to your balance.
  • Autoplay – Sometimes you’re trying to wear down your playthrough requirement, or want to keep reinvesting your recent winnings over dinner time. With autoplay, you can choose the coin value, quantity, number of paylines and simply pick a number of automatic spins: the computer will take care of the rest, all in the background!
  • Jackpot – There are four different jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major and Mega, any of which can be accessed by the randomly-triggered jackpot bonus round. You spin the wheel and then it’s up to the gods to decide which bonus you’ll win!


The Mega Moolah jackpot is probably the most famous in online casino today. The massive progressive has no upper limit, but is guaranteed to pay at least £1,000,000 every time the jackpot is hit.

What happens is that a small percentage of every bet, by every user, adds to the progressive total. Unlike most casinos, you don’t have to bet the maximum amount (£6.25) in order to win the jackpot – absolutely any stake (even £0.01 on a single payline) can win the jackpot amount. However, the more paylines you use, the higher your chances of winning. The payout percentage is around 94-95%, which is pretty good considering the size of winnings available.

Mega Moolah also offers four separate jackpots with minimums of £10, £100, £10,000 and £1m from smallest to largest. The little jackpot is won the most often, but the largest always pays the best.

The jackpot bonus round is triggered totally randomly, and takes you to a new screen with a flashing wheel. You hit “spin” again, and the wheel slowly whirls around, eventually landing with an arrow pointed at a specific segment, one of the mini, minor, major or mega jackpots. Really high volatility and totally random, but it’s produced a lot of big winners in its day!

Mobile Version

Microgaming are at the cutting edge of mobile casino, and Mega Moolah can be played easily on mobile. No downloads, no faffs, just visit the website and start playing. There’s even an “80 chances to become a millionaire” offer where, after your first deposit, you’ll be given 80 free spins, any of which could hit the bonus round!

Can be played on any mobile device with a good internet connection and browser. The jackpot has hit £6m on mobile and on iPad already!

Graphics and Sounds

With the hype over the massive jackpot(s) available, it would have been easy for Microgaming to overlook the cores of the game: graphics, audio and theme. Safe to say, they haven’t made that mistake!

The theme is all greens, oranges and browns – dusty colours of the African safari – with treetops hedging the top of the screen above the reels. The noise is quiet at first, just the low chirruping of nearby crickets and a subtle wind, all background. The reels are a low thrum, and then if you don’t find a winning combination – nothing.

When that win comes, the whole screen comes alive. The music has two layers: the first is like African tribal chanting, soft and passionate, and celebratory. The other depends on what combo you have as the different animals all make unique sounds, roaring along with the music. The cast includes lions, zebras, giraffes, monkeys and wildebeest, all of which are beautifully animated.

It drops you right in the heart of Africa, and you could play this game all day long.


Mega Moolah has everything you’d hope for in a big progressive slot game. The gameplay is simple and easy to follow, the characters and animations are brilliantly executed and the jackpot is almost frighteningly lucrative. After ten years on the market, it is still gaining momentum, and is sure to stay at the forefront of online casino for years to come.