Fruit Mania

The Fruit Mania slot is a traditional themed slots game expanded with a fruitier twist across 5 reels and 5 lines, with a bonus round, free spins, scatter symbol and the chance to win a truly fruity progressive jackpot! There’s a fixed coin value of 0.25 with only one coin able to be played on each line, yet with line winnings starting with just two consequential symbols, this is a slots game in your favorite flavor!


With a smooth funky groove soundtrack, bright colored icons, cool graphics, sound effects and animation, Fruit Mania takes the simplistic idea of slots and jazzes it up for a modern gamer. With a choice of only nine icons a combination of any two symbols can guarantee you a line payback. Keep an eye out for the cherries; just like in the traditional slots game they reach the upper echelons of the jackpots. Five cherries in a row gives you a massive 5,000 coin return and, if that pay line happens to be on the fifth pay line, expect to hear the sound of success as that progressive jackpot drops! The Playtech powered Fruit Mania offers a refreshing and exciting alternative to slots players looking to taste the good life. Highly recommended.

Progressive Jackpot

The Fruit Mania slot is connected to a highly rewarding progressive jackpot as its top award. To drop the prize you will have to be playing on max bet to activate the fifth payline. If you can expose five cherry icons onto that fifth payline then you will drop the progressive jackpot. Even if the jackpot has just been won, it will reset at 1,250.00 to still provide a brilliant start point to win from.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is a glass of cool refreshing Fruit Mania juice! Exactly what is needed after a hard day’s winning at the slots! Find three or more Fruit Mania’s anywhere on a spin and you will see your total bet returned to you with interest; enough to start your own fruit juice business!

Bonus Round

To reach the bonus round you will need to find three or more of the sun icons on a payline starting from the first reel. You then get three rows of three kinds of fruit. Chose one from each row and their values will be added to your final total!