Responsible Gaming: 5 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

We want everyone to be able to enjoy playing video slots and other online casino games, but the reality is that some players experience serious difficulties with excessive wagering and addiction to gambling. This page aims to inform readers about the risks of problem gambling, and a few strategies to help make online casinos a safer place for everyone.

The table below showcases a few of our recommended casinos which are fully licensed and comply 100% with regulatory laws to help keep you safe at the casino.

5 Tips for Gambling Responsibly


For gamblers who recognise that their gameplay is becoming excessive, or leading to neglect of work or family, or causing a disturbance to their lives for any other reason, self-exclusion is almost always an option.

Essentially, players can suspend themselves from specific casinos for extended periods of time. During self-exclusion, they will be unable to deposit funds or play any real-money slots, without exception. In addition, you will be removed from national marketing databases and will not be contacted with any messages that incentivise play. It’s even possible to use plugins which block access to specific sites completely, though there are always ways to get around them.

Self-exclusion still requires you to exercise control and restrain, since the casino can only do so much to stop you from gambling.

Stick to Your Budget

The easiest way to develop a dependency on gambling is to overreach. Whenever you even consider playing blackjack, or spinning the roulette wheel, take the time to decide exactly how much money you are prepared to lose – no reloads or top-ups allowed. Once you have a realistic number, start playing. However, if you drop to or below that sum of money, do not keep playing.

To carry on after losing your initial budget means you are landing yourself in trouble with absolutely no guarantee of recovery – remember, gambling always favours the house. That’s why they’re still in business. Always play to your means, and gambling can remain an enjoyable and occasionally profitable routine.

Limit Your Playing Time

Sometimes it is not a financial problem, but one of time. You may be neglecting your work or family, getting too little sleep or simply spending all of your free time stuck in the casino. If this sounds like you, then make an effort to decide exactly how much time you are willing to commit to slots (or online casino in general) each day, or week.

Using your smartphone timer or a clock, log your sessions so that you know how much time you have left to use. Treat it like anything else – once you run out of time, it’s gone and can’t be gotten back. It will be seriously challenging, but over time you should adjust and get used to the idea of limited playing time. You could even reduce the hours over time so that you’re only occasionally active, to prevent developing problems again further down the line.

Be Proactive About Counselling

There are many different websites and services around the UK that exist to offer help for those suffering from a gambling-related problem. If you think you might be playing a little too often, or perhaps recklessly, then remember that help could be just a quick Google search away.

Websites and forums can be extremely helpful when they feature real experience from other people who have been in your shoes, but they can also lead you to genuine person-to-person counselling which has helped countless fellow players in the past. Keep your eyes open and if you think you need help, be proactive – it’s there to be found.

Try Social Casinos

Never heard of them? Many real-money gamblers haven’t. They are free games, often played through social media like Facebook. You get amount of (virtual) money to use in the game, and try to keep winning and building up your profit! The slots often have bonus rounds and cool features, though they’re not as polished as true casino games from proper software developers.

Essentially, they are a way to play slots without the financial commitment. Some players split their time between the two, to stop themselves overreaching on the traditional, real-money games.

How to Gamble Safely

The easiest way to gamble safely (i.e. without losing your money or being misled) is to only use trusted, audited and licensed casinos. All major casinos, for example, use verified Random Number Generators (RNGs) to control things like card dealing and slot machine reels. Check if the casino has been approved by eCOGRA, the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance agency – an independent party who oversee “fair gaming, player protection and responsible operator conduct.”

Gambling can be addictive and even destructive to players’ lives, but there’s also a strong community of players who will do anything to try and help each other enjoy gaming and not be ruled by it.

Stay aware, and hopefully you’ll keep having great experiences at online casino without letting it affect the rest of your life.