Thunderstruck II

  • Slot type:Video Slot
  • # Reels: 5
  • # Paylines: 4
  • Jackpot type: Pooled jackpot
  • Free Spins: Yes
Join the Valkyrians, Loki, Thor and their father Odin on a quest through Asgard, plundering for gold like the vikings of old! Thunderstruck II is a 243-way video slot, meaning you can’t change the number of paylines; however, you have a great chance of winning with every spin.

Thunderstruck II is so popular that is has totally eclipsed its predecessor, and having played it numerous times it’s easy to see why. First thing, the game is great to look at. Everything is hewn from stone, the characters all look real and magical, and the music adds a new level of tension and excitement.

As with many of today’s great slot games, Thunderstruck II was designed by Microgaming, the giants behind the famous Mega Moolah, the world’s biggest online slots jackpot. This isn’t a progressive jackpot, but don’t be fooled by the jackpot figure of 1,000 coins – there are plenty of exciting ways to win it huge in this game!

The biggest innovation in this game has to be the Great Hall of Spins, a mind-bending bonus round, which actually gets more rewarding over time. It’s a major attraction, and since we’re playing a 243-way slot, the free spin round comes up way more often than in any 15-25 payline game!

How to Play

Whereas most games allow you to choose between 1 and about 25 paylines, Thunderstruck II has 243 paylines, non-negotiable. Before you panic, this doesn’t mean every bit is multiplied by 243! Your coin value is multiplied by 30, and you can have up to 10 coins on each spin. To keep things easy, here are the numbers:

  • Coin value – £0.01-0.05
  • Number of coins per spin – Between 1-10
  • Number of paylines – 243
  • Max bet – £15.00
  • Min bet – £0.30

With such a huge number of paylines, the odds of winning with unusual combinations is much higher. However, the jackpots are proportionally smaller as you’d expect. It’s easy to choose your coin value (using the plus and minus symbols under the sphere, to the left) and the number of coins per bet (“coins” button). However, if you are only interested in playing the maximum, there’s a button there which will automatically jump you up to 10-coin bet for the coin value you already selected.

Expert Mode

By entering Expert Mode (there’s a small button at the bottom right) you get some customisable autoplay functionality which can be really valuable, depending on your play style. Choose a quick 5x or 10x autospin, or select up to hundreds of spins to churn away while you make a cup of tea, get back to work or simply sit back and relax.

Don’t worry, you can control it to stop after a win of a certain value – you don’t want to get a huge bonus, be in profit, and then lose it all while not paying attention! Otherwise, you just choose the number of spins and it plays through until they’re all done or you run out of cash.


Technically the jackpot for Thunderstruck II is 1,000 coins. For any online casino aficionados out there, this is probably a disappointing sum for a maximum. However, remember this is a 243-way casino and that means the potential for winning regularly is much, much higher.

On top of the jackpot being relatively accessible (as they go), you can win tremendous sums in the brilliantly innovative Great Hall of Spins which Microgaming have created just for this game. The Great Hall has various levels (with the Valkyries, Loki, Odin and Thor) each of which offer not only free spins, but also special powers which can act as multipliers to balloon your winnings.

So remember: the jackpot isn’t amazing (though I’m sure you wouldn’t complain at laying your hands on it) but the potential for winning at Thunderstruck II is so much higher than that suggests!

Special Features

  • Wilds – The Thunderstruck logo acts as the wild symbol in this game. It can substitute for any other symbol (apart from Thor’s hammer) to create a winning combination.
  • Scatters – Your scatter symbols are Thor’s hammer, and with 3 or more of them you can gain entry into the mythical Great Hall of Spins. In the Great Hall, massive bonuses and lucrative winnings abound!
  • Autoplay – Use autoplay to navigate the reels without having to click away. Choose whether to cap at the number of spins or after a certain win amount, and let Microgaming’s software take care of business.
  • Wildstorm – A randomly triggered bonus round where up to 5 of the reels can turn wild. If you manage to 4 or more, expect a huge payout. The payouts are fun with only 3, but you want the big one!
    The Great Hall of Spins

This is the most remarkable feature of the game. With multiple scatters you can get into the hall – a phenomenon which happens very regularly! There are four sections of the hall: the Valkyrians, Loki, Odin and Thor.

The first four times you enter the hall, it’s with the Valkyrians. Triggers 5-9 bring you to Loki, 10-14 with Odin and, once you reach the hall a 15th time, you are with the mighty Thor, the God of Thunder himself!

  • Valkyrians – 10 free spins and all winnings are multiplied by 5. You can even trigger more free spins, if your luck is in.
  • Loki – 15 free spins, with “Wild Magic” thrown in. Magical wilds can appear in the central reel, before extending out and turning other symbols into wilds and causing major payouts.
  • Odin – 20 free spins with Odin’s Raven. This new symbol adds a 2x or 3x multiplier; get two ravens and benefit from a 6x multiplier for any winnings in that round!
  • Thor – 25 free spins with Rolling Reels! Whenever a combination is hit, those symbols disappear and are replaced with the next ones in the sequence. If those produce a winning combo, the process keeps going! Watch your multipliers move from 2x to 3x to 4x to 5x with every successful combo!

Graphics and Sounds

What would you expect from a game about the mightiest Norse gods of Asgard? A mysterious quiet when the reels churn away, and raucous celebration and music whenever a winning combination turns up.

The design is pale blue for the most part, everything glowing with magic and power. If you enter the Great Hall of Spins, your theme changes to reflect whichever character you’ve chosen. With Loki, for example, everything is green, the music is slippery and mischievous – just like the god himself!

When the reels stop without a win, they have an ominous and dull thud as they run home. The button sound effects are perfectly suited to the game and the characters are lifelike. No faults on the aesthetics side of things.


Thunderstruck II was designed to captivate audiences, leveraging the power of Norse mythology to maintain excitement and enjoyment at the reels. The Great Hall of Spins is an absolute game-changer, and since it can be accessed quite regularly, it’s worth playing just to experience something so novel!

Microgaming have outdone themselves here, and it’s no wonder than Thunderstruck II is now one of the most popular games ever made.