Tomb Raider

  • Slot type:Video Slot
  • # Reels: 5
  • # Paylines: 15
  • Jackpot type: Pooled jackpot
  • Free Spins: Yes
Designed after the famous movie and featuring the incredible Lara Croft, Tomb Raider is one of Microgaming’s most popular slots. Tomb Raider is also one of the most exhilarating and iconic adventure movies of the early 2000s, and the atmosphere of tension and surprise is brought brilliantly into the slots game of the same name.

It’s a 15-reel, 5-slot game with the potential to win free spins, a 500-coin jackpot or bonus points from the special rounds. The symbols are a mixture of letters and artistic depictions of characters from the movie and it’s a fun, exciting game. Microgaming have been creating top-quality games for over 20 years now, and though they don’t create as many pop-culture games as some of their rivals, Tomb Raider is one of the most successful out there.

If you’re a fan of the movie (or its cousins like Indiana Jones) then you’ll love this slots adaptation. The reels move quickly and quietly, as you’d expect in the tombs, but the music is bright and exciting when you win. And, with a payout percentage of 96.5%, you win pretty often.

How to Play

Paylines and Coins

Tomb Raider is simple on the face of it, like all slots. You can control the number of paylines, the coin quantity and their value, and deeper into the game is where it gets really interesting; but for now, let’s run over the basics.

You use “Select Coins”, “Select Lines” to manage your paylines, and use the plus and minus symbols to adjust the coin value. When selecting coins and lines, you have to just keep clicking until you cycle through to the number you want. You can assign a value between £0.05 and £0.50 for each coin, and a maximum of 5 coins per payline. With up to 15 paylines, that’s a maximum bet of £37.50 per spin.


For players who want to elevate their game a little and know their way around the slots, there’s an expert mode waiting for you. Basically, this gives you access to a bunch of autoplay options! You can use the 5x and 10x buttons to quickly rattle out five or ten automatic spins; this is handy if you don’t want to be clicking all the time or are busy doing something else while spinning.

In addition, you can choose up to 500 autospins to be completed for you. You can choose either to stop when your spins are exhausted (and if you run out of money), or when you win a bonus of a certain size. Autoplay is really handy if you want to get the spins in (especially if using free spins or a huge purse) while being productive elsewhere at the same time. However, be careful as you can easily lose huge sums in autoplay – that’s why it’s considered an expert mode.

Bonuses and Extras

As with all video slots, there are a few special symbols and even a bonus round! If you get 3 Lara’s (the scatter symbol) on a single spin you can unlock free spins, while the same number of idols (those golden fellas) will open up the bonus round where you can take home awesome prizes! The wild symbol is the “Tomb Raider” logo, which acts as a substitute for any other tile on a winning combination.


The maximum jackpot you can earn is 7,500 coins (aka £3,750 if you’re betting the maximum!) and you earn that by landing five wild symbols (Tomb Raider logo) on an active payline. This is a nice bonus for a non-progressive, at effectively 100x the bet amount. However, you can also win up to 2,500 coins with a run of 5 scatters, or 2,000 with only 4 scatters.

These both add up to pretty tasty jackpots. Any free spins you win can trigger the bonus game, meaning that if your luck is in, you can get a big jackpot and additional cash from a simple free spin round!

Special Features

  • Wilds – The Tomb Raider symbol. Landing multiple wilds in a single spin on one of your paylines create a winning combo! If you get five wilds on a payline, you unleash the jackpot of 7,500 coins!
  • Scatters – Our precious Lara. Two of her (or more) will complete a scatter combination, while three or more opens up the free spins round. More symbols = more spins, and the chance to take home a tidy profit.
  • Bonus game – By getting 3 Idols across the reels on your payline (including the first reel) you unlock the bonus game. You face twelve idols and behind each one is a bonus amount; the more idols you found on your spin, the more bonuses you can choose! You take away the total sum of all bonuses unlocked.
  • Free spins round – Ten free spins and all wins are tripled. You can unlock more free spins and even the bonus game if the right symbols come up. Note: the bonus game rewards are not tripled if won during the free spins round.
  • Autoplay – Customise your autoplay experience with up to 500 automated spins, and the ability to cease autoplay after a bonus of a particular size. Accessed in the “expert” mode.

Graphics and Sounds

What’s impressive about Tomb Raider is that the music and sound effects suck you in straightaway. It’s quiet, tense and you almost feel like you’re there, hiding from some secret predator. The reels run smoothly and quietly, not wanting to disturb the quiet. Some casinos make the reels run for such a long time that, no matter the design, it gets boring really fast – not Tomb Raider.

The symbols include Lara Croft (a couple of cartoons sadly, not her actual portrait), the Idol statue, tigers and a few others. They’re eye-catching and really cool, especially when the animation and lighting changes when you get a winning combination.

The background is dark green or brown, but the reels are alight with colour, almost like a torch in the darkness. The music thrills up and becomes celebratory and fun when you hit a win, but soon dies down again for the next spin. Microgaming have gone for a minimalist design (not surprising since it’s a fairly old game) but the details are there where it counts, giving off a generally favourable impression.


The main attraction for most players is definitely the nostalgic and exciting feeling of adventuring with Lara Croft herself. It’s a great tribute to the movie, but the multiple bonus rounds and generous jackpot make it a cracking slot in its own right. Whether or not you liked the movies, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this slot.

If you did like Tomb Raider the first time around, you’ll love the Microgaming version!